Friday, January 18, 2013

Picture Perfect - Competition - High-Low

Picture Perfect Competition #2
Our host is Gator and the theme is High - Low
I chose HIGH....
This photo I took after a hike up the hill to view the Pacific ocean.. I got the added bonus of another 
photographer taking photo's on this high cliff.
What a view we had....Please click on picture to enlarge....


  1. Thanks Mitch for the help getting my pictures to post. You are a genius.
    But now how do I get them larger?

    1. I need to know how you posted it first. Did you use HTML from Flickr or Photobucket? Or did you upload directly from your computer to your page?

  2. Awesome shot, Sue! I don't think there's any means to click on the picture to see it enlarged. If you want to see it enlarged you have to post it in the desirable size you want to get it, either by selecting the size before getting the respective HTML code from your Photobucket or Flickr account, or you can revert to the draft and by clicking on the photo you will see a bar with all the possible sizes ranging from small, medium, large, Xlarge to original size. You click the size you want and the photo is enlarged. Perhaps Mitch, may know other way,but that's how I always do. Hope I could be of some help to you, Sue!

  3. Thanks Belita but when I click on original even though I have made it 72 dpi it is huge full page..

  4. Beautiful photo, that photographer is certainly high!!

  5. very nice photo
    I sure don't know how to post for clicking and making larger

    Mitch is great help