Monday, January 21, 2013

Images & Words - 194 - Calendar

I made my photo high resolution for better printing if anyone decides to have these calendars
printed out.?
They are looking great so far... I would like to suggest since we all live so many different places that
we perhaps copy the photo's to a thumb drive or disc and take them to a service to have them
printed out.   That way no one has to be responsible for the money. And everyone pays for what they want themselves.
I am really looking forward to having a couple of these hanging on my wall.

Mount Rainier, Washington , State USA Mt. Rainier is about 14, 420 foot Mt in Washington State. It is an active volcano. It last erupted in the 1800s.. Keep your fingers will stay dormant.


  1. A beautiful scenery Sue and yes, Mother Nature is awesome in the beauty she creates.

  2. Love your photo for June... how beautiful it is!!!

  3. Simply gorgeous Sue, wonderful composition with
    so much of the best of nature in it! Great work my friend! xoxo

  4. That's an awesome shot Sue!! Simply stunning!!

  5. Oh Dear My Comment is not showing....HMM!!!

  6. Take 2....
    Excellent in every way Sue.
    WOW you know how to make a stunning calendar month for our I&W Calendar.
    I agree with you for printing we do need to use the higher resolution.
    The advice given to download and store your favourites for your calendar is a fantastic idea.
    If we just go local it will save time and expense.
    You entry is such a beautiful example for the month of June. Well Done.

  7. Stunning, beautiful. In other words a great shot. Haven't had a lot of time to look around and participate.

  8. Majestic mountain vista - my favourite kind of nature shots. Wonderful quote.

  9. Awesome pictures to have in frist month of calender.Good share.The services of printing a calender is served by many printing company.One of them is Bacchus Press.