Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picture Perfect - Competition #3 - Creatures

Gayle is our host for PP week #3 and she chose for the theme - Creatures.
 My photo is a creature in the sky. I am looking forward to what you all co,me up with for this theme.
Mine is out of the box. But I was going to post a Horse Neck Clam, but it is too gross to post.
They are too ugly...
Have a great weekend and have fun.


  1. That is a beautiful Photo Sue and What a great creature it is too!!!

  2. Wonderful photo Sue!! I think I've heard of this's the rare Kite-Dragon, I believe :-))

    I looked up 'Horse-Neck Clams' on Google...they're not that bad.

    Here is MY PP LINK

  3. I saw it enlarged... what a beautiful shot of such flying creature!

  4. It is a great photo Sue and yes, I have heard of a Kite dragon too. LOL

  5. This is wonderful! Just love it, Sue!