Sunday, January 13, 2013

Images & Words -193 - Old Buildings

Images & Words - Old Buildings.  Milli is our host and she chose one of my favorite things to photograph... This will be fun...

"It's not good because it's old, it's old because it's good"....



  1. Looks much better if you click to enlarge...

  2. Great shot Sue, I love the contrast of red brick and green leaves, too!!

    Taking part in PT this week? The theme is 'Four Legs'.

  3. Excellent shot, as always, Sue! Love that tree sprouting through the roof...

  4. Awesome photo Sue.

    The colours look so fresh too.

  5. Terrific photo of the old house. Wonderful and very befitting quote.

    Thanks for your comment, dear.

    My entry

  6. Very interesting and individual photo. Love the contrasts in colours.

  7. I also love the contrast in colour Sue and I just knew that this was a favourite theme for you too.
    Another wonderful capture full of magic.

  8. Hi Sue, I left this message on my entry on 'Picture This', in reply to your cry for help, but just in case you don't go back to look, this was my reply:

    Hi again Sue. I'll try to help out here as much as I can. I'm sending you a step-by-step guide for posting an entry on 'Picture This' that I created for someone else who was also experiencing problems. It helped them and they are able to post now. I'm sending it to your g-mail address as it's the only one I have for you. It's specifically for using HTML from Flickr, the reason being I've never used Photobucket, so can't give instructions for that site. If you're still having problems after trying the guide, send me an e-mail to and I'll try to figure out a solution.

    1. Thanks Mitch I haven't seen it yet. I will check my spam folder.

  9. Wonderful match of image and words .
    Thanks for your visit .

  10. I think it's old and good! :)

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  11. Nature is taking over... nice red and green...
    My old buildings

  12. contrasting colors are eye popping! The tree growing out of the roof gives character( LOL)It's one of those photos that beautifully sad!