Thursday, January 31, 2013

Picture Perfect #4 - Nostalgia

Picture Perfect #4 NOSTALGIA
Gator is our host and challenged us to a great theme.
                                                     Please click on picture to enlarge

The theme nostalgia brought back many happy memories for me of nights when we would go cruisin to our local Drive Inn and when we ordered our food the Car Hops brought our food and hung it 
off the window.
Then we would go cruizin up and down the strip  back and forth.
Once we went inside we were treated to a Jukebox playing with songs of the 60s 70s and some 
really oldies.
Those were the days that are very nostalgic for me...


  1. That is one fantastic car Sue. I have seen movies of what you used to do in those days. Not quite the same here. We certainly didn't have the big cars like that. unless you were rich and had them imported yourself.

  2. What a superb classic restoration. Beautiful car. And I can see from the car in the background that Marty McFly came along, too!! LOL. Here is MY PP LINK

  3. Fantastic shot, Sue! Those two men seem to be admiring the beauty...

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  5. Very awesome.. I love old cars. Love the shininess and the color. Can't go wrong with green.. Ha ha.. LOL at Mitchy's comment about McFly.. ha ha.. Always love to look and see original dates and see them driving down the roads. What is scary now is to think that any car 25 yrs or older can be considered a classic car. Now that is making me old. Should have kept my 1st car. That trusty 1980VW Rabbit.. LOL.. but I just still don't really consider those 80's cars to quite make the classic cars yet like the 30's-60's.. Hugs, Lil

    Someday I will figure out how to make a link again.. LOL..

  6. These old cars were really well-made. I love seeing them and how people still care for them. Reading your words, I'm reminded of 'Happy Days'.