Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Images & Words - ROOTS -218

Images & Words - Roots - 218
Thank you Anders for a great theme. Sorry I am late posting.
I just took my roots photo at Denny creek this week. I took it on a hike.  Saw many large trees with big roots.
  Big Tree Roots I&W


  1. Love this shot... so Magnificent...

  2. Magnificent roots. And the quote is so true.

    Dear no need to apologise. You have to Saturday each week to post so you are not late at all.

  3. Great shot.

  4. absolutely magnificent!
    I love trees...especially the 'elders' as this one appears to be.

    I would love to put my ear to this tree and hear its heartbeat.

  5. I see you do like old tress too! I love this capture, Absolutely Magnificent!! Your words are so true. Thank you for your visit to my page. :~)

  6. Woweeee, Sue! That's some tree. Beautiful shot! It looks mammoth, this tree. I wonder how old and how tall!