Monday, June 24, 2013

I&W ---216--- looking skyward

Milli what a neat theme you picked for us.  I wish I could of gotten a photo of that super moon.
Oh well here is another shot.
I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else posts..

I am doing this on my Ipad.. Hope it works?? My big puter doesn't like blogger. Lol!!!


  1. Sorry there is no place to copy a link to my post.

  2. Sue I can guarantee this photo is pure perfection...but posted on IPad has distorted your gorgeous photo!!! Perhaps if you resize it may help considerably.

    I'll be back tomorrow to see the REAL SUE'S PhOTO!!

  3. Sue...I snagged it and resized to 1000x1000 and it is breathtaking!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much Linda I couldn't do it with my Ipad.
    It is on photo bucket and doesn't give. A size.