Friday, December 28, 2012

By the seashore

By the seashore by cruizin5777

Elephant Sea lions on the beach sunning themselves.


  1. Great photo Sue but they sure won't win any beauty contest. LOL

    How are you Babe. Long time no see and, it sure is a pleasure to see you.

    Have a blast bringing in the new Year and I hope it is the best new year for everyone.


  2. Hi Sue!! Nice to see you posting again. It's been a while. Love that shot, they sure do look relaxed!!

    1. Mitch did you get my reply? It just disappeared?

  3. What is up with flickr? My picture in Images & Words disappeared. It has a round circle with a slash in it.
    I uploaded this from flickr and it said no html any more. I uploaded this and it is not the size I uploaded.
    I noticed Belita has circle in my comments as same where her photo should be.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Something up with flicr???? notice they put their limk on my picture..

    1. Hi Sue. I have two Flickr accounts, one for my own photos and one for the Picture This group, and I've experienced no problems with either at all, so I'm not too sure why you are experiencing problems. How did you post this photo to your page? Did you copy/paste the HTML or did you use the direct 'share' option provided on Flickr. The tags next to your photo only usually appear if you use the 'share' option built into Flickr. That's a standard part of the 'share' process. I see you have a PRO account, have you checked to see if your subscription has expired? If it has, you only get a very limited amount of usage until you renew.

    2. Also, I checked Belita's photos on her page and on the PT site, none of them are showing as missing or having that circle & slash symbol, it only appears to be her headshot/avatar that is affected.

  4. I am so pleased to see I am not the only one. Had to download Flickr again when I got my computer back. Got into my site okay but no pictures. Not one single one. I haven't gone back to it today as I have been flatout.

    Did you reply to me too Sue???

    1. Shayna, there's any easy way to check if your photos are still on Flickr. Go back to any older post on your page where you posted a photo from Flickr. If there is a blank space or a message saying 'photo no longer available', then it has gone. However, if the photo is still there, then it's still on Flickr. I've just gone through a lot of your older posts and ALL the photos you posted from Flickr are STILL THERE. Therefore they are all still on Flickr. The problem is obviously one of access at your end. If you still cannot access them after trying again, contact Flickr customer services and explain to them the situation.

    2. I replied on my site. Not sure if you get this or not.?????

  5. Thanks Mitch
    They are offering 3 free months so I got it.
    Yes I did use the share button. That is good to know.i
    couldn't find the HTML.. To post the photo.

    I have a photobucket account and use this one mostly for
    I&W. I wonder if they ran out of space... Too many pictures being posted?
    My photo was on I&W and had been there a few weeks.
    On your PT site I did post to photobucket and used HTML. Would you rather use direct link

  6. Hi again Sue. If you've taken the additional three free months, you should still have full use of your account on Flickr. Not sure why you can't find the HTML for your photos, it's in the same place it's always been:

    Click on the image you want to use in your photostream, so that the photo opens in it's own page. Look just about the photo for the word 'share' with a little down-arrow next to it. Click on the arrow. Click on the arrow and you will see a box open with the HTML code in it, and just below that will be a smaller box showing the image size currently selected. Click the little arrow next to the size to show all the sizes available, and select the size required, Then copy the HTML code from the box just above it and paste into your 'compose new post' page on Blogger.

    If you are going to do a challenge post for 'Picture This' and the image(s) you are going to use are on Flickr, you should use this method, not the direct-link method. If you are going to use an image stored on Photobucket, I don't know what the process is, as I've never used PB.