Sunday, October 20, 2013

Images & Words #233 - Beach

Dani is our host today and she picked one of my favorite themes BEACH.
Lets all show her our favorite beaches...Thanks Dani for being our guest host...

Mine in in Oregon a popular town called Cannon Beach, I love it there. It has lots of big rocks
and plenty of sand...


  1. .oh BOY!!! I get to see it again.....posted in here the colors on the face of the rock are very visible...if it's not enlarged in FB it's most likely missed ( and PLEASE do enlarge in here!)

  2. Sue If members here are not in FB they won't see Dani's pic...can you add hers?

  3. Thanks Linda.. I am going to view in FB again...
    Yes Dani"s needs to be added to this site. I am hoping she will host again. I
    remember she was one of the originals.

  4. Wow.. Sue, what an image! Love it and the imposing rock adds a special beauty to overall image....