Thursday, December 13, 2012

Testing next shot

Just testing to see if this works????


  1. I think 'Next Shot' works in the same way as the PT site post on the site homepage, not your own page?

  2. Mitch is right. We've post in the same way as we do for PT. Nothing to do with Multiply. You better read what Baz posted at the time of announcing the creation of the Group "If you want to contribute to Next Shot please let me have your email address so I can add you as an "author" once added you can add a post to the site as your contribution to the weekly theme just like you would on your own page;)"

  3. Not sure about the rules but this is one beautiful photo, would love to have a photo shoot with you and learn from you.

  4. Thanks everyone but I actually was testing this page to see if I could make each entry on a separate page=like Picture Perfect=Images & Words- and so on.
    I didn't realize I had posted so everyone could see?
    I don't know how to do that? I made the pages but can't get anything under each heading.. Anyone know how?