Friday, December 7, 2012

Picture Perfect - Weather

PP --- Weather -  Heather is our host for the first ever entry on

I chose hot rather then cold weather in a place I love to visit Santa Barbara, California.
I think the Birds are Pelicans. Thought they were awesome in an awesome place. A little messy
but fun.


  1. I am very much impressed.
    You can always present such great shot in all subjects.

    Here is my WEATHER

  2. yes they are pelicans...this is a fabulous shot...lots going on in the photo

  3. Another awesome shot, Sue! Amazing the quantity of pelicans at one place....

  4. Great shot. I prefer hot over cold any day. We had great weather. Didn't have to have a jacket on this afternoon but bottom falling out Sunday. Highs in 30's and snow flurries.

  5. An excellent photo Sue. I love it. So much happening in it too!

  6. This is a stunning capture Sue one for the wall;) Mothing from me at the moment I am not participating in PP

  7. Wonderful shot of the Pelicans, Sue!! There's so much going on in your shot, it keeps the eye moving.

    Here is MY PP LINK