Friday, November 9, 2012

Picture Perfect - Sentimental Shots

Picture Perfect - Sentimental Shots hosted by Cherie.

 I did a Collage of pictures because I couldn't find my original entries. I loved
some of these entries and couldn't decide which one to chose.

I first joined Picture Perfect when friends Emm and Marcia Smith
told me about it.
I didn't know how to post a picture but with the help of 
JohnO and a few others I soon learned.
Heather has also helped me tremendously.
This is a tearful time. but we will carry on and with the help of Heather, Gayle, Cherie and our Gator
we will only get better and still have fun.
So enough sentimental tears. Lets see some great 
entries from our friends.


  1. Still can't get the sizing right.
    Can you click to enlarge the photo.
    Help Milli?????

    1. when you post in blogspot , should give you a choice of sizing in the draft or compose posting, blog.......... you can then choose original size, small, medium, large or x-tra large, click on either, though this looks fine on my 'puter. YOu can always use shift + or shift - to make the page smaller or larger also increasing or decreasing the photograph (and comments and text, unfortunately, *smile*)

  2. very cool collage, the size is fine for me...

  3. I miss Emm terribly. She's a wonderful person. Beautiful collage.

  4. That is absolutely awesome Sue and the size is perfect. Really beautiful.

  5. Your photo is just that: picture perfect!

  6. beautiful collage and sentiment!
    ty for stopping by

  7. How did you do that collage anyway? looks layered.......... tell, spill beans, share !!! Pretty pleeeeze. it is bloddy amazing, excuse the "french"

  8. Replies
    1. aaaaaaaaaaah, suppose I don't have that programme *sniff* will Google

  9. Wonderful work, sue. You are a clever woman!