Saturday, October 20, 2012

PP- Call of the wild

Picture Perfect - Call of the wild
Gator is our host.
This was taken of of my front porch. The Deer are eating everything they can find. Especially
the Ivy and they love the Horse Chestnuts.
They are courted by a very large Male with his protection they go anywhere they want.
My little Weenie Dog chases them away, but without much success. He is very brave though and has a lot of heart. But they only stare at him.  I am a little concerned with the Male though because it is rutting season and he can be mean. But I think my little Doggie can run away as fast as he can 
run after these Deer.


  1. Awww.. I would just love it there... so cute..And I bet Jenny Craig would love running after these also...LOL

  2. Wow Sue! You not only take a fantastic photo, you have the joy of a beautiful view from your front porch.
    I am absolutely green with envy. *smile.*

  3. Great shot, they are beautiful deer. Yes, be careful the male doesn't attack your doggie!!

  4. Too cute Sue, but I guess not so good if they eat up your garden...

  5. Sweeeeeeet! What a wonderful thing to see from the threshold of your home. Lovely shot, Sue!

  6. and you say I live in the wild ?? I sure don't have a beautiful river running through my property and lovely wild deer grazing in my garden. I have just gone an absolute ugly jealousy shade of green. Wonderful capture , Sue. You just have to love it, even if they eat your garden. I want a little tame one, that will eat out my hand.

    1. forgot, trying to play catch up.